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Pelleting Line

pelleting line, wood pelleting

Important reasons for pelleting are: volume reduction, easy handing of the product, more stability, longer life, no power, no pasty deposit, homogeneous mixture, no granulometry or ingredient separation, less waste product, easier and cheaper bulk transport, better and longer conservation, etc...

The standard pellet line finds application in many different fields. Especially in:

- Animal feed fo cattle, poultry, pigs, rabbits, ostrichs, fish, fry and other animals; - Poultry manure composting; - Organic fertilizers; - Waste food and other garbage; - Bran and cereals mixture; - Rape and sugar beet pulps; - Lucerne, hay and straw; - Waste paper; - Plastic; - Woos saw dust, chips and scrapes, bio-masses; - Solid urban wastes; - Some chemical products.

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