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Ram Fed Grinder

The MP Series Grinder Gives You More

The MP Series grinders give you an unbeatable choice for American-made quality, performance and enduring value. Our grinders are quiet, use less power, produce minimal dust, and reduce your manpower requirements for even more savings.

Other advantages include:

Brains and brawn - A State-of-the-Art Control Package

One of the most distinct advantages of the MP Series grinder is its "brains" - the ability of the electrical control panel to communicate and/or work in unison with the machine's hydraulic power pack. The result is optimal grinding performance every time.

With too little force, full grinding capacity is never achieved. With excessive force, the rotor can jam. The MP Series control system continuously monitors current and signals the ram to retract when a predetermined amperage level is exceeded.

In addition, the hydraulic power pack features a variable speed control which allows the ram cycle to be set at the appropriate speed for the type of material being processed, for example hard or soft wood, dry or green, pallets, stumps, etc.

A pressure relief valve enables the ram to pause during the forward stroke when heavy grinding is sensed. When the pressure reduces the ram resumes its forward movement, eliminating nuisance cycling and maximizing efficiency.

The control system also "thinks" about protecting your equipment. If tramp metal finds its way into the grinder, the unit will be instructed to shut down after three auto-reverses within a preset time frame. This virtually eliminates the potential for damage to the grinding rotor.

Testing Services and Performance Guarantee

We offers testing services with the MP Series at no extra charge. We provide free test grinding and videotaping of your material being ground. With over 5,000 wood grinding installations, our experienced engineering team has the expertise to determine the proper equipment for your specific application.

With our exclusive Performance Guarantee you eliminate the risk of purchasing the wrong equipment for your needs.

And if you have a unique application, you can provide us a sample for testing to determine the right model for your specific needs. We will then guarantee the equipment we build for you will perform as our test report indicates and will match the sample product returned to you for evaluation. Your equipment is guaranteed to produce the required product size at or above the desired throughput rate.

MP Series Specifications

Model HP Rotor Diameter Capacity* Weight Grinding Deck**
MP-40 40-60 15" 3-7,500 lbs. 8,500 52" x 52"
MP-75 60-75 15" 5-16,000 lbs. 9,600 58" x 52"
MP-100 75-100 20" 7-20,000 lbs. 12,300 66" x 66"
MP-125 100-125 20" 8-25,000 lbs. 13,500 72" x 66"

Electrical Controls

Hydraulic Power Pak

*Capacity will vary depending on horsepower, screen size, and type of material being processed.
Specific throughput capabilities will be provided following an analysis of each application.

**Measurement taken at floor of grinding chamber. Hoppers available in various sizes to accommodate every requirement.

You Can Get it All

We offers a full range of products backed by expert service and support to meet all your wood processing needs.

This includes our Industrial Hammermills that can be joined with the MP Series to meet your fine grinding needs. These finish where the MP Series leaves off, creating a uniform, first quality sawdust useable for compost, animal bedding, briquette manufacturing and more.

Our expert representatives offer the best advice on the equipment you need for your specific applications. They can help you select from a full line of grinders and hammer mills for wood processing applications including:

Ram Fed Grinder Email us at  Ram Fed Grinder

- Standard Mills for Basic Reduction

- Mills for Grinding Hard Abrasives

- Lump Breakers

- Laboratory Grinders and Crushers

- Fine Grinding Pulverizers

EWaste Grinders
- E-cycler - electronic scrap recycling and confidential destruction

- Silicon Wafer Grinder

Wood Grinders
- MP Series Slow Speed Ram Fed Grinders
- Pallet Grinder
- Trim Scrap Grinder
- Industrial Grinders
- Model FG Fine Grinding Mill
- Bark Grinder
- Automatic Wood Scrap Batch Grinder
- Slow Speed Horizontal Grinder
- WPC Wood Power Grinder

Glass Grinders
- Glass Grinder

Waste Food Grinder
- Waste Food Grinder

Grain and Animal Feed Grinders
- Slow Speed Circ-U-Flow Hammer Mill
- Series 301 Circ-U-Flow Hammer Mill
- Crusher Feeder

Spice Grinders
- Spice Grinder - DDZ

- Pneumatic Discharge for Processing Light Materials

- Engineered Systems

- Functions & Capability
How does a hammermill work?

- Free Test Service

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