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The only hammermill designed specifically for electronic scrap recycling and confidential destruction.

From recycling of computer components for precious metals reclamation, to secure and complete destruction of confidential or proprietary information, the exclusive E-Cycler is the choice for your unique requirements.

Hard Disk Drive Shredding

Demonstration Video

Hard Disk & E-waste shredding using our WA-25-H Hammer Mill

Click here to download the video: VIDEO

Extraordinary performance

Exceptional value

No matter what your electronic scrap recycling application, you can count on extraordinary performance with quality and value.

The robust design of the E-Cycler - with its specially designed grinding rotor - is not only engineered to be more efficient, it also features the longest-lasting, most durable components available. That means you spend less time performing maintenance, and more time processing and recycling.

Absolute Confidential Destruction

No other hammermill destroys computer and electronic components better than the E-Cycler. In today's digital world, protecting proprietary information requires extra measures throughout the business cycle.

The E-Cycler is an important tool in the security process giving you added confidence that your confidential information never ends up in the wrong hands.

E- Cycler is Extra Tough, yet user friendly

Screens are available in multiple sizes and are easily interchangeable.

More solutions with E-waste Separator

We offer the E-waste Separator as a total solutions complement to the E-Cycler. The E-waste Separator segregates plastics, metals, paper and other materials from electronic scrap for further processing and recycling. Complete details on the high quality E-waste systems are available from us.

E- Cycler Case study

A multinational corporation located in the far east contracted with an outside firm for secure destruction of their technologically advanced components, only to find that the material was not being destroyed, but rather was being sold to a competitor. As a result the corporation purchased an E-cycler and began processing the material in house. The practice was so successful that the company purchased 5 additional units for their other plants thus assuring the protection of their intellectual property.

More profits from Precious Metals Recycling

No other hammermill is more valuable for the effective and profitable recycling of precious metals from electronic components than the E-Cycler. The hammering action not only reduces, it also liberates various materials on populated components such as PCBs. These materials can then be identified and segregated downstream by other processing equipment. The precious metals recovered can be resold for a profit, which means less waste going into landfills.

Four E- Cycler Models to Choose From

Model # Power Production Rate Dimensions
W-6-H 2 hp
(1.5 kw)
50-250 lbs/hr.
(25-100 kg/hr.)
32" x 17" x 17"
(800mm x 425mm x425mm)
WA-8-H 10 hp
(7.5 kw)
100-500 lbs/hr
(50-250 kg.)
60" x 24" x 32"
(1500mm x 600mm x 800mm)
WA-25-H 40 hp
(30 kw)
350-2,000 lbs/hr
(150-900 kg/hr)
86" x 48" x 42"
(2150mm x 1200mm x 1050mm)
WA-36-H 100 hp
(75 kw)
1,000-3,000 lbs/hr
(450-1,350 kg/hr)
110" x 62" x 56"
(2750mm x 1550mm x 1400mm)

Efficient Size Reduction for a Variety of Materials

Confidential Destruction and size reduction applications include:

Printed Circuit Boards

Computer Chips

Computer Hard Drives


E-Cycler and our Experience

With thousands of hammermill installations around the world, we have a wide range of experience in the size reduction and recycling industry. Our expert engineering team can provide the optimal solution for your specific application. Email us for more information on the E-Cycler, the E-waste Separator, and the full line of hammermills and grinders.

A full line of Size reduction equipment

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Pallet Grinder - The hogerizer


One Company for all your size reduction equipment needs.

Size reduction equipment manufacturing, from grinders and pulverizing equipment to hammer mills, lumpbreakers, and shredders. We offer the largest and most diverse product line, with equipment ranging from lab scale to heavy industrial. Our simple, yet versatile machines offer you the optimum combination of low initial investment and long-term durability, no matter what the application.

For All your size reduction needs:

electronic scrap recycling and confidential destruction Email us at  electronic scrap recycling and confidential destruction

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- Engineered Systems

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