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Hog & Pulverizer

The versatile, compact Hog and Pulverizer is the only system of its kind currently available to the wood products industry. It consists of two inter-dependent grinding machines stacked to work in tandem… in a space-saving, money-saving unit. Because itr performs the functions of both a hog and a pulverizer, it eliminates the need for expensive, custom-designed, multi-machine systems to achieve the same results.

The upper machine accepts trim blocks, edgings, and other wood waste. It hogs this bulky scrap and discharges it by gravity to the lower machine which reduces it to coarse or fine particles of uniform consistency. A built-in fan unit then air-veys the finished grind a distance of 150 feet or more for storage, transportation, or re-use processing.

The unique design permits exceptionally high throughput with minimum power consumption. You enjoy greater production at lower cost per ton, for maximum profits from your wood residue.

All components are built to deliver long, trouble-free service under the most severe operating conditions. Quality features include welded boiler plate construction; heat-treated alloy steel shafts supported by high speed, self-aligning bearings in dustproof housings; alloy steel reversible anvils; oversize flywheels; exclusive ribbed grinding plates. The powerful action of the hammers against the grinding plates cuts through and disintegrates wood fibers more quickly, assuring faster and more effective screen grinding.

Hinged drop-down covers provide complete access to all parts which ultimately require service or replacement, such as rotors, hammers, bed knife and liner plates. Fine and coarse screens slide in and out easily, and may be changed in seconds with the machine running. A patented eccentric lock, operated by a simple bar handle, assures accurate positioning and positive locking of screens.


Upper Unit:

Lower Unit:


For Reducing Smaller-Size Waste - Model FG (Fine Grind)

The Model FG was specifically developed to handle smaller-size wood scrap and reduce it to uniform, splinter-free coarse or fine particles as desired. It is ideal for pulverizing residues from sawmill or woodworking operations, including wood shavings, chips, bark, and hogged scraps. Through the unique double-grinding operation, using coarse and fine screens, the Model FG can deliver a finished grind of exceptional fineness…..with the consistency of powder.

The same proven two-unit , vertically-stacked design is utilized in the Model FG. Wood waste material is fed into the hopper of the upper machine for initial break-up, then discharged by gravity to the lower unit for final pulverization. An integral high-capacity fan unit air-veys the finished grind a distance of 150 feet or more.

SPECIFICATIONS - Model FG (Fine Grind)

Upper Unit:

Lower Unit:


A practical investment that pays for itself in a remarkably short time...then keeps paying dividends again and again, every time you use it. It processes all the wood residue from your operations into highly marketable granular material for packaging and sale...or for extremely profitable resale to producers of mulch, soil conditioners, ground cover, animal bedding, insulation material, particle board, broiler fuel, and a host of other products. In short, this is far more than just a disposal unit for your wood is a PROFIT CENTER that brings in substantial additional income.

Some Examples:

Wood to Sawdust

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