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Pre-formed Furnace Liners

Heatech Pre-formed Induction Furnace Liners avoid the undesirable and hazardous environmental effects from in situ rammed silica linings in foundries. They offer easier installation and removal without the dust normally associated with this operation. They also offer enhanced melt lives (some Australian users have achieved up to 50% improvements), greater reliability, as well as reduced down time and require no special skills to achieve a 100% reliable lining.

Aluminium Titanate

Rictec Pte Ltd supply Aluminium Titanate products which have outstanding properties, that make them especially suitable for application in industries involved in the melting of aluminium and non-ferrous alloys. These properties include:

Applications of Aluminium Titanate in the aluminium and non-ferrous industries include:

Aluminium titanate can offer significant life advantages over calcium silicate (40 x life) and fused silica (10 x life).

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