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Roof Tile Moulds

Roof Tile Moulds ( Steel and Gypsum Moulds) for making Clay Roofing Tiles
(Franz Banke GMBH)

Roof Tile Moulds  Roof Tile Moulds

Roof Tile Moulds  Roof Tile Moulds


Clay Roofing Tile Press

Roof Tile Moulds

Express 600

A hydraulic swing table press for accessory tiles manufactured in a small number of units. The easy and user-oriented operation facilitates a quick change of moulds and take off head.

The SPS-control allows an automatic pressing cycle and an easy programming for the pressing of various tiles.

Technical data:

-length of strokes 600mm
-mounting table of the moulds 600x700mm
-mould pressure 60 tons
-2 lower and 1 upper working mould
-a take off head seat with integrated cylinder for take off plate operation
-the roof-tile thickness is adjustable at 0,1 mm area

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