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pellet mill, pellet mills

General Dies presents a complete range of pelleting machines covering all productive requirements in the various area of implementation. Experience gained in over 40 years of activity is the back ground on which we have developped Machine strong and flexible. Particularly conceived for the feed mills production, our machines are implemented with total customers satisfaction in the pelleting process related to the processing of: Beet pulps, bran and other grinding by-products, alpha-alpha and hydrolyzed straw, olives and grapes husks, citurs pulp, saw dust, compost and CDR, etc. The wide span of applications allowed to our technicians to develop specially designed dies and rollers graning high productivity and long duration in service. General Dies is offering the completion of the pelleting lines with its original counter-flow Coolers, Crumblers, Vibro-sieves suitable for above mentioned applications. Excellent pre and after sale service granted by General Dies is completing a wide range of products designed for high quality and reliability.


Our exposure to Customer's problems together with the wide specific leterature in our files and the theoretical and practical background of our Technologists, are allowing to our Company to grant Total Service to our Customers, developing projects from Initial Concept to Design and Production, to Installation and to Commisioning of Complete Pelleting Plants and Lines for any type of product to be processed, worldwide. Experienced FieldPersonnel is employde to perform Field Erection, Truble Shooting and Problem Solving to ensure maximum officent on the working project completion.

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