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Belt Dryer for Sewage Sludge

Belt Dryer for Sewage Sludge

Belt dryer for sewage sludge

The STELA low-temperature drying systems are developed to dry the most various sludges reliably, energy-saving and dust-free down to DS contents of approx. 65 % to 95 %.

The sewage sludge mechanically dewatered to approx. 20 - 30 % DS content is extruded on a special extruder. The pellets fall directly onto a perforated conveyoer belt and form a pile that can be ventilated well. The product is fed into the dryer tunnel, where hot air flows through it drying it carefully.

The conveyor belt takes the product slowly through the dryer tunnel. Mechanical strain like e.g. frictional, shearing or centrifugal stressing are minimized by this forced belt conveying. This is especially important to overcome the thixotrope phase in drying.

The system can work without remixing and dries up to the requested final moisture in one passage. This provides a smooth continuous operation without longsome start-ups and shut-downs.

The retention time in the drying zone can be adjusted to the minute by the frequency-controlled drives. Thus the dryer can be adapted extremely well and very flexibly to the most different requirements (through-put, DS contents, drying temperatures).

The homogeneous product structure guarantees a very constant drying and produces a high-quality, dust-free granulate, which is excellently suitable for all further ways of disposal.

Belt Dryer for Sewage Sludge

The STELA BELT DRIER SYSTEM distinguishes itself by the following advantages:

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