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Belt Dryer for Other Products

Belt Dryer Other Products

Belt dryer for other products

By concentrating on drying technology, STELA has great experience in the field of drying. There are a great number of possible products which have to be dried while being processed.

On STELA machines are dried:

... for products we do not know we have a laboratory at our disposal. We are also pleased to make our technical equipment available to our customers so that they can carry out longer lasting tests at their own site.

Just ask us!

We can find a solution also for your product.

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Agricultural Dryer
- Stationary Dryer
- Mobile Circulating Batch Dryer MUF
- Mobile Continuous Mixed Flow Dryer Universal

Belt Dryer
- for Sawdust, Pellets, Wood Chips and other Biomasses
- for Digestates
- for Sewage Sludge
- for Breakfast Cereals
- for Pet Food
- for Other Products

Dryer for Waste Heat Recovery for Biogas Plants

Drum Dryer

Feed and Turn Dryer

Air Heater
- Indirect Air Heaters
- Direct Air Heaters

Electrical Engineering / Moisture Content Measuring

- Stationary Agricultural Dryers
- Mobile Agricultural Dryers
- Belt Dryers
- Belt Dryers for Sewage Sludge
- Belt Dryers for Extrudates
- Feed-and-Turn Dryers

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