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Belt Dryer for Breakfast Cereals

Belt Dryer for Breakfast Cereals

Belt dryer for breakfast cereals

We are the specialist for the drying of coated and uncoated breakfast cereals! Grits, flakes, balls, bobs, co-extrudates ... - there are the most different kinds of breakfast cereals and their pro-products.

Belt Dryer for Breakfast Cereals

Special geometries of extrudates with partially highly concave/convex forms often cause an undesirable agglomeration of the products in the dryer. The consequences are a jamming of the individual extrudates on the one hand and an uneven drying result on the other hand, because the moisture at the contact points can be drained off very poorly. The use of highly gluey spraying solutions requires good cleaning facilities. STELA meets these requirements and offers a tailor-made programme of belt dryers for breakfast cereals. No matter whether it concerns flakes or extrudates, 1-, 2-, 3- or multiple belt plants.

The dryer is divided into several temperature and air zones so that it can be adjusted optimally to the respective product parameters. The fully-automatic control adjusts the optimum air temperature and volume and adapts it to the changing product and environmental conditions.

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