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Mobile Continuous-Mixed-Flow Dryer Universal

Mobile Continuous-Mixed-Flow Dryer Universal

Mobile continuous-mixed-flow dryer Universal

The mobile dryer Universal - flexibility and top performance combined! The name speaks for itself - the most universal model among the fully mobile STELA dryers!

The pneumatic discharge guarantees optimum trickling even with extremely moist maize. Full mobility in transport position according to traffic regulations. Even the big dryers Universal 30 and 35 are installed in a few days. The high-placed product discharge makes it easier to convey the dried product. Heat recovery to achieve a low energy consumption as well as a perfect dust reduction - the Universal meets all requirements!

Advantages at first sight:

  1. all components on one chassis
  2. ready for operation in no time
  3. compact, space-saving design
  4. energy saving by heat recovery
  5. plug-in supply, according to the latest VDE standard (VDE = Association of German Electrotechnical Engineers)
  6. simple and safe operation by PLC

Drying principle

The dryer type Universal is a dryer with triangular-shaped air ducts, operating with the suction system. The dryer is filled by way of the large feeding hopper and the powerful elevator. Gravity carries the product from the store tank through the drying and cooling elements with triangular shaped ducts. The hot air generated in the air heater flows through the hot air roofs into the product. During drying, the product moisture passes over to the drying air. The moist air escapes through the exhaust roofs. The heated-up exhaust air of the cooling zone is mixed up with the hot air flow for heat recovery.

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