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ZIROX 25 Ceramic Coating


An off-white, very fine-grained and high-grade, neutral, water- based Zircon coating.


ZIROX 25 is suitable for a wide range of applications in the ferrous and non-ferrous melting industries.

ZIROX 25 has been specifically formulated to produce a very durable refractory barrier which protects refractory materials and metal tools against molten metal attack. This is particularly important where there is a risk of contamination, e.g. iron contamination of aluminium and copper based alloys.

ZIROX 25 also highly effective as a release agent enabling easy removal of solidified metal and dross from ingot moulds, carrying ladles, tundishes, launders and buggies.


ZIROX 25 is supplied at a viscosity of 120 degrees Baume'
The coating is normally diluted 1: 1 with water, but can be applied undiluted where metal surfaces are being treated for the first time.


ZIROX 25 can be applied by brushing, dipping, spraying or swabbing. A long lasting ceramic coating is formed when the thoroughly air dried coating comes into contact with molten metal. Alternatively the ceramic coating can be pre-formed by torch-drying.


10 - litre metal pails


  1. ZIROX 25 is non-toxic.
  2. In the event of eye contact, irrigate thoroughly with clean water for 10- 15 minutes.


Prior to initial application of coating, the metal surface should be :

Hand ladles (mild & stainless steel)
Steel scrapers, skimmers and slagging
Plumbago or steel stirrers
Facilitates removal of frozen metal, dross and slag from surface of tools.
Protects tools from attack by molten metal.
Prolongs life.
Prevents contamination of melt by iron pick up.
Plumbago or steel plungers
Plumbago or steel pyrometer sheaths
Plumbago degassing tubes
Facilitates removal of frozen metal, dross and slag.
Reduces risk of damage during cleaning.
Prolongs life.
Gravity dies Improves surface finish of castings.
Prevents castings sticking.
Speeds up production.
Gravity die cores Facilitates removal from castings.
Speeds up production.
Low pressure die-casting stalks or feeder tubes Greatly extends tube life.
Prevents iron pick up in the melt.
Facilitates cleaning.
Sand moulds and cores Greatly improves surface finish on steels and a wide variety on non ferrous alloys.
Ingot moulds Improves ingot surface finish.
Facilitates ingot removal.
Prolongs mould life.
Speeds up production.
Shell mould casting boxes Protects moving parts from clogging effects of metal splash.
Zinc diecasting hot chamber machines Protects from attack by zinc.
Facilitates cleaning
Induction Furnace Lining
Immersed Crucible furnace linings
Traditional fuel fired furnace linings
Sklenar furnace linings
Prolongs lining life.
Reduces damage during cleaning.
Reduces cost of repairs to linings.
Facilitates cleaning.
Iron pans
Kipp Caster machine splash guards
Prolongs life by protecting from molten metal attack.
Prevents contamination of the melt by iron pick up.
Facilitates cleaning.
Refractory lined molten transfer ladles
Plumbago ladle liners
Facilitates dross/frozen metal removal.
Reduces risk of damage to linings during cleaning.
Prolongs lining .life.
Speeds up turn-around time.
Tundishes and launders Reduces wear.
Prolongs Life.
Facilitates cleaning.

ZIROX 25 is gas-free and therefore, will not blister.

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