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Wear-Patch - Wear Resistant Coating

Trowellable Wear Resistant Coating

Your Versatile Wear Solution

Wear-Patch is a wear, abrasion and corrosion resistant coating consisting of a mixture of 70% ceramic beads suspended in epoxy resin.

Wear-Patch provides excellent protection against sliding abrasion and moderate impact when used in bulk handling operations.

Wear- Patch can be applied by trowel or spatula and cures under normal conditions in about 8 hours.

Typical Applications

Slurry Lines
Pipe Bends and Elbows
Pump Linings/lmpellors

Wear-Patch is available in two formulations:

Wear-Patch S - standard formulation for general wear conditions.
Wear-Patch U - ultra hard formulation for most abrasive conditions.

Technical Specifications

70% concentration of ceramic beads suspended in epoxy resin.

Particle Size
Average particle size is 20/40 mesh (0.4-0.84 mm)

Epoxy resin.

Curing Agents
Triethylenetetramine (Teta)

Wear-Patch S - major component alumina.
Wear-Patch U - major component silicon carbide.

Working Time
Approximately 30 minutes.

Curing Time
Approximately 8 hours at 21°C.

Approximate Coverage
7kg covers 0.75m2 to 6mm thick.

Shelf Life
Up to one year.


Wear-Patch adheres to most clean, dry surfaces including metal, ceramic, plaster, wood and cement. Roughen smooth surface with a steel brush or by sand-blasting. Can be applied in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 25mm with little or no sagging or slumping. On large areas, welded anchors or tack welded expanded metal are recommended.

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