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Grinding Slurry Sludge

Briquetting of Grinding slurry / Grinding sludge

Compacting oil-containing shear mud with our compactors is one of the most profitable technologies in the recycling business. Specific compacting cycles help to turn mud into compacted briquettes with oil content reduced to less than 5 %, depending on viscosity. The quality of lubricants and cooling lubricants produced this way is convincing. The lubricants can be separated by using simple filters and then be immediately returned to the raw material cycle, which helps to reduce more than 90% of cooling lubricant input needed and also results in considerable cost-savings.

Compacted shavings briquettes can be melted again which results in profitable sales, whereas non-compacted shear mud has to be taken to hazardous waste management sites. Compacting brings even more advantages when it comes to simpler handling when storing and moving the briquettes. Inductive heating of shavings produces ever more increased material weight.


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